worded feelings

the princesses and the pauper

i hide myself behind the white columns
and peered into the festivities of the ball
striking eyes, delicate noses, and smooth, translucent skin
a beautiful dress, a handsome stranger

they work their magic
and everyone is enchanted
it only takes a mere “hello” and a smile
and i become trapped into their spells

everyone loves them
everyone adores them
what’s not to hate?
everything they do is perfection

i am ashamed of myself
to be compared to those princesses
i am nothing more than a pauper
a pauper with nothing else than a pen and a paper

all i can do is to write my envious thoughts
and to be lost in a dream of glittering heights
all i wanted is to become included
but that, is nothing more than an impossible wish

the fake show

Putting on a mask

When everybody ask

How do you do

When the sky is still blue

I’m the happiest girl on Earth

I answered

When actually the question remain Unanswered

Cause this mask hide

My stolen pride

Lifting my chin high

When I’m really shy

Hiding this ugly scar

From the shining bright star

Hoping no one will see

The pain that is in me


Won’t mend me

Sugarcoated lies

Sting like a bee

Everyday is a perfectly practiced show

But it’s alright, nobody know

Faking a smile hurt

My heart breaks at the end of the day

Like a delicate ballet skirt

Torn when used all day

My friend said I’ve got everything

But why do I feel like I don’t have anything?

Curtains may close

But I will never disclose

Because tomorrow

Is another fake show

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